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Blue Mtn. jasper, thin
Blue Mtn. jasper, thin slabs

Blue Mtn. jasper slabs are thin, approximately 5/32" thick.  These were slabbed years ago, and purchased from an old collection. The photo shows a slab of around 5 one inch squares in the order.  Size of the slab shown has a maximum length at 3 1/4" x 2 1/2", but each slab will vary in color and size. It's hard to obtain good quality rough of the Blue Mtn. rough from OR, from the Lucky Strike Mine. A lucky few are holding onto on to these beautiful rough nodules.  The orbicular jasper patterns are quite nice. These thin slabs on hand are limited, but thought some might like to have a sample of Blue Mtn. jasper.  Should you receive a slab of only 4 one inch squares, the price of the order, will naturally be reduced.