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Bookends, Felt Coverings
Circle Cliff petrified wood bookends, with felt covering.

Bookends covered in felt not only makes your rock bookends more professional looking, it will protect the books & the book shelf from being marred. Felt sheets in sizes of 9" x 12" may be found at craft centers, some hardware stores, or in fabric centers. You will also need some contact cement which comes in small cans with an applicator brush. First, a template of the bookend to be covered will need to be drawn and cut from the felt fabric. Place the base of the bookend on the straight edge of the felt on the long side of the felt for larger bookends. Go ahead and then tip the bookend over to make sure there is enough felt for both the base of the bookend and the side of it.  You will be cutting one piece of felt for each bookend half, which will cover the bottom and side of the bookend. Trace the bookend bottom design onto the felt with a pencil or pen, then carefully tip the bookend over and trace the side to be covered.  The pencil marks will be hidden once completed.  Coat the felt and the bookend half with contact cement. Follow the contact cement instructions on the length of time to wait.  To apply the felt to the bookend, lay the felt down with contact cement side up.  Place the front edge of the bookend half (the polished face side) on the straight edge of the felt and tip the bookend over placing the side also on the straight edge of the felt.  Press felt down for good contact. The use of small scissors, will be needed to trim any felt that is extending the bookend edge. Repeat instructions for the other half of bookend.  Brown or black felt works well for most bookends.  I tried gray felt once and a yellow coloring of the cement bled through.  Bookends make great gifts for family and friends and something you don't find easily in gift stores. Good luck and enjoy!

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