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Brazil agate bookends
Brazil agate bookends

One set of polished Brazil agate bookends will weigh approximately 3-6 pounds per set. Please note: one set of bookends start at 3 pounds per set, and therefore you'll have to place an order of 3 minimum, which means three pounds. If you would like a larger set of bookends, order up to 6, which means six pounds or less will be sent. The bookend set image shown weighs 5.5 pounds, and if you like this set, order 6 pounds, and a reduction in the order will be noted on your receipt when shipped. The face and sides of the bookends are polished with the bottoms left natural. So you have two ways to display your bookends. Use as is or place several, small, round felt adhesive pads on the bottom to protect any wood surface. The Brazil agate bookends have been very well polished, and the main colors will vary from brownish red, to golden to blue agate. Brazil agate bookends are natural colors and have not been dyed. Remember, the price shown is for one pound, and the minimum pounds for a set of bookends is 3. Thank you!