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Cabochon Biggs jasper with dendrites 40 x 30mm. Our polished cabochons are an assortment of semi-precious gemstones, both calibrated and freeform, ready for mounting in jewelry findings. Cabochons, also called cabs for short, are gemstones with a convex top, usually in an oval or round shape, in a certain size of measurement, usually millimeters. Freeform cabs will be in a multitude of shapes and more creativity is needed for mounting these cabs, such as wire wrapping, drilling a hole for a screw or jump ring, bell caps, fold-over bails, etc. Ready made calibrated jewelry findings can be found online, some here on our web site. We have purchased cabochons over the years and also bought cabochon collections, and a number of cabs are of ONE in stock Only. Some images may be just a sample of the stone but not necessarily the cab you will receive. Other images will be the cab you will receive. (Especially the high dollar cabs.)
Note: Cabs listed as "G.O." were made by Gary Olson, who has been blind since birth. He does a wonderful job of making cabs! Please enjoy the cabs that are of unique and hard to find materials.
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Cab: Antelope jasper, 16 x 12mm
Cab. Antelope jasper, 12mm
Cab: Antelope jasper, 30 x 22mm
Assorted cabs 18mm x 13mm
Cab: Assorted 40 x 30mm
Cab: Assorted 30 x22mm
Cab: Aventurine, green, 40 x 30mm
Cab: Aventurine green 25 x18mm
Cab: Blackskin agate 40 x 30mm
Cab: Blackskin agate, 38mm
Bloodstone, 40 x 30MM, cab
Cab: Bloodstone 14 x 10mm
Cab: Bloodstone, 10 x 8mm
Cab: Bloodstone, 8 x 6mm
Cab: Blue Biggs, 30 x 22mm
Cab: Blue Biggs 28mm
Cab: Blue lace agate, 8 x 6mm
Cab: Blue lace agate, 14 x 10mm
Cab: Brazil agate 40 x 30mm
Cab: Brazil agate, 25 x 18mm
Bruneau jasper 24 x 40mm
Cab: Bruneau jasper 25 x 18mm
Cab: Bruneau jasper 29mm
Cab: Bruneau jasper 30 x 22mm
Cab: Bruneau jasper 40 x 30mm
Cab: Cathedral agate, 30 x 22mm
Cab: Deer Creek fire agate 16 x 14mm
Cab: Deer Creek fire agate 23 x 16mm
Cab: Deer Creek fire agate 24 x 14mm
Cab: Deer Creek fire agate 27 x 12mm
Cab: Deer Creek fire agate 29 x 21mm
Cab: Deer Creek fire agate, 15 x 11mm
Cab: Deer Creek fire agate, 22 x 18mm
Cab: Deer Creek fire agate, 24 x 20mm
Cab: Deer Creek fire agate, 12mm
Dendritic jasper, 30 x 25 cab
Eagle Rock plumes 47mm x 30mm
Eagle Rock plumes 60mm x 32mm
Cab: Fancy jasper, 25 x 18 mm
Cab: Fancy jasper, 40 x 30mm
Graveyard Pt. 45mm
Cab: Graveyard Pt. plume 30 x 22mm
Cab: Green jasper, 30 x 22mm
Cab: Green moss agate, 30 x 22 mm
Cab: Green moss agate, 18 x 13mm
Cab: Imperial pink jasper 25 x 18mm
Cab: Imperial red jasper 40 x 30mm
Morrisonite jasper 25mm x 25mm cab
Morrisonite, 40 x 30mm, cab
Morrisonite 028
Morrisonite jasper 40 x 25mm cab
Morrisonite jasper #030
Needles blue agate cab , Not for sale
Cab: Obsidian, gold sheen, 18 x 13mm
Cab: Obsidian gold sheen, 25 x 18mm
Obsidian, green 38mm cab
Cab: Obsidian, mahog. black lace 30 x 22mm
Cab: Obsidian, mahog. black lace, 38mm
Cab: Obsidian, mahogany black lace, 40 x 30mm
Cab: Obsidian, mahogany gold sheen, 38mm
Obsidian, silver sheen, 40 x 30mm, NV, cab
Cab: Obsidian, silver sheen, NV, 38mm
Cab: obsidian snowflake, 14 x 10mm
Cab: Obsidian, snowflake, 25 x 19mm
Cab: Obsidian, snowflake 25 x 18mm
Cab: Obsidian, snowflake, 30 x 22mm
Onyx with silver, Not for Sale cab
Picasso marble 40 x 30mm cab
Cab: Picture rock, OR, 25 x 18mm
Cab: Pink and green moss agate, 38mm
Cab: Pink and green moss agate 40 x 30mm
Silver lace onyx, 30 x 22mm, cab
Spider jasper cab, not for sale
Tempskya, 25 x 18mm cab
Tempskya heart 35 x 35mm
Tempskya teardrop 43 x 25mm
Cab: Tigereye golden 25 x 18mm
Tigereye, gold, 38mm
Cab: Tigereye, variegated 25 x 18mm
TX crinoid sample cab
Wonderstone A cab, not for sale
WY jade, 40 x 30mm
WY jade, 30 x 22 mm
WY jade 25 x 18mm
WY jade, 18 x 13mm
Rutilated quartz, clear, 30 x 22mm