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Canvas bag
Canvas bag, cotton twill tote bag
$ 2.50

Canvas bag/cotton twill will be great for a rock bag to carry with you when out in the gem or fossil fields.  The size  of the bag or tote is 16" x 16" x 4" bottom with 24" handles to carry the bag over your shoulder. They are a natural color, but let the grandchildren write their name on it with a colored marking pen and or place designs on it.  When you are going out in the field, place some newspaper, and pencil or pen in the bag, so that you can write down where you found the stone or fossil and protect the item by wrapping it in newspaper. If you know what you have found, great, but otherwise, be sure and get someone knowledgeable to name the fossil or other. It's easy to forget the name if the items is new to you. I am sure you'll find other uses for the nice bag, for grocery shopping, having the kids pick up their small toys and place them in the bag to return the items to the toy box or other. Stock CV16