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Ceramic media, large
Ceramic media, large size

Ceramic media, large size (3/8" x 5/8"), is sold in one pound packages. This a non abrasive media used as a separating and carrier material for tumbling stones, also used as a burnishing media on jewelry metals. Ceramic media is best on hard metals and will support very heavy parts better than plastic media. A separating material helps speed up the process of tumbling when any flat material is being tumbled polished. When tumbling rocks, to get faster results, 25% of the load should be small stones or use ceramic media. The ceramic media can be easily washed or rinsed and reused again in the next grit stage. Ceramic media is highly touted over the use of plastic pellets. The harder ceramic media, as compared to plastic pellets, will rub the grit on the stones for faster tumbling results. Check the link below for small ceramic media.

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