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Covington 14" Combination slab & trim saw
15% Discount

Covington Engineering Corp., manufacturer of the 14" combination slab saw, has a multitude of features: a platinum 301 blade, 1/2hp motor, ships separatly, sawmill type carriage glides on steel ways, 4" cross feed adjusts 1/16" per turn for uniform slabbing, & is light enoubh to be moved easily at 160 lbs.  It is heavy duty enough for everday use, easily converts between a slab saw and a trim saw wih drop in table; rigid grip vise: steel jaw tongue contacts full length of vise,  holding jaw square so it can't bind.  This unit is 110 V, 60Hz, with a 6" vise, & 14" saw blade, with dimensions for the unit: 37" x 26" x 26". Stock number is 1152CS.  A 220 V, 50 Hz model is also available, model # 11522S. The trim & slab saw is fully enclosed, with a welded 16 guage steel tank. An x-pattern strengthening rib ensures that the tank unit is square and the hood sits properly. The hood is riveted to a  steel hinge and fits neatly into the tank.  A peek window opens for quick-view access to check slabbing process. Complete unit ships with power feed option and a leg stand for leveling the saw. The nice discount will be applied at the shopping cart!

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