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Covington 6" diamond combo unit
15% Discount

The Covington 6" diamond combination unit, Model 495DCU, 110 V, 60Hz, will saw, grind, sand, polish your gem material all on one machine. It is complete with one 6" Covington Gold Series, diamond blade, slab vise, water valves, drains, two 6" x 1 1/2 metal bonded diamond grinding wheel (100g & 220g), one 6" expandable drum, 1 2 1/2 18 15/16" diamond sanding belt (1200g), five 2 1/2" 18 15/16" silicon carbide sanding belt (400g) one 6" 5/8"-18RH aluminum head with leather disc attached, 5 -gram syringe of 50,000 mesh diamond compound, 2 oz. bottle of extender fluie, sample kit (#1 Koolerant, polish powder, brush, dop sticks & wax), a book about using diamond abrasives, 1/3hp motor, switch, cord, belt guard, instructions and product guarantee. FEATURES: sealed ball bearings mounted in rubber for quiet and smooth operation; mounted on rust proof aluminum-topped Lam-I-Cushion base, stainless steel main shaft resists rust, powder coated aluminum castings, hood and belt guard, continuous variable speed control from 800rpm to 1725rpm, quick change hood and polishing buff, adjustable cab and wheel rest. Available also in 220V, 50Hz.