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Covington Rock Hound Oil, 5 gal.

Covington's Rock Hound Oil is reported to be one of the finest saw coolants on the market. The saw coolant is recommended for all saws over 10" or when cutting hard stone. The high flashpoint of 230 degrees ensures safe operation in all conditions. There is no distasteful odor. The mineral based oil has excellent cooling properties that extend the life of the blade and saw. Shipped direct from the factory of Covington Engineering, Redlands, CA. The package weighs 42 pounds and will be shipped separate from other items. PLEASE NOTE: if you have ordered other items with the oil coolant, the freight estimate on the order will not be correct since the web site adds all purchases into one package for freight or under 70 pounds. For an accurate charge on freight, please order the Covington's Rock Hound Oil separately. Thank you! Read the article on how to save even more by reclaiming saw oil.

Rock Hound Oil is also available in a one quart size at $7.50, and one gallon bucket at $22.00.