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Covington's 10" trim saw
15% Discount

Covington Engineering's complete 10" trim saw (Mod. 1510TS) with power feed, 16" x 24" base, 110V 60Hz 1/3 HP motor, and hood. Dimensions are 28" x 18" x 15". Weight 60 lbs. This is a clean operating saw, ideal for trimming rocks, minerals and glass. Comes with a 10" gold blade on all units. The Bulldog grip vise holds all rock shapes and swings back out of the way for hand trimming. Cross feed slabs for 3 1/2". This unit has all the options of the Covington 8" trim saw but will take a 10" saw blade or smaller. To trim rocks larger than the 3 1/2" cross feed, move the vise to the back of the unit and feed by hand. Complete unit rests on a Lam-I-Cushion base for quiet operation. Please see all other pertinent information listed under Covington's 8" unit.

All units come assembled with operating instructions and guaranteed. Size 28" L x 18" W x 15" H. A 220 V 50Hz model, 15102S is available listed at $1250.00. Weight for either saw is 60 pounds plus 10 pounds for the hood shipped separately.

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