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Deer Creek fire agate rough
Deer Creek fire agate, rough, 1/4  lb. AZ

Deer Creek fire agate in the rough is now being offered.  One order will contain 1/4 pound and the image shows a sample order.  This beautiful chalcedony stone is tough with a botryoidal formation and when polished, will have a play of colors that may contain yellow, green, purple, blue & or orange/red.  We bought some rough from the owner who started to mine the fire agate out of Deer Creek, AZ near Safford back in the early 70's.  You  may have seen some of his advertisements, "Hughes, Deer Creek Fire Agate, in rock & gem magazines.  Leon & his wife, Suzanne, eventually posted a link on the web to share Leon's knowledge with others and it contains lots of photos and information on how to get a beautiful polished fire agate.  Please check out some of our cabochons of Deer Creek fire agate listed under the category, Cabochons.  (Stock 511)

Check on the web for Leon's article, Prospecting-finishing-fire-agates-Hughes, to learn how Leon polished Deer Creek fire agates!