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Diamond blade Dresser Tips
Image only Diamond Blade Dresser, by Stone Age Industries

Since we slab jaspers and agates on a daily basis, a diamond blade dresser to clean and sharpen your blade is an important attachment to your saw. Some agates and jaspers are very dense, or contain metallic particles, and will require sharpening of the blade on each and every slab, especially large slabs.

This automatic setup will be ready to use after mounting to the back of your saw vise with either screws or bolts. The grindstone can easily be slide out of the way when not needed for stones such as obsidian or softer material. A 220 grit dresser stick of 1" x 1" x 6" comes with the unit. A very thin slice off of the grit stick with help keep your blade clean and sharp. Crank the vise over the number of turns for your next slice off a piece of rough, usually 6 turns is needed for a 1/4" thick slab, then slide the grindstone back so that a very thin slice of grit stick is removed. (NOTE, wash the thin silvers of 220 grit grindstone in soap & water and add then to your tumbling mix.)  When your dresser stick needs to be replaced, purchase a 1" x 2" x 6" dresser stick listed under Lapidary Supplies, and then slab the stick in half to make two 1" x 1" x 6" sticks.  They'll be ready for use when needed.

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