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Discounted Lapidary Equipment

Covington Engineering Corp. sphere machine Lapidary equipment from quality manufacturers such as Covington Engineering, (Rociprolap), Thumler's Tumblers, Diamond Pacific Tool Corp. & more.
Equipment for lapidary shops, rockhounds, jewelers, and hobbyists such as rock (slab) saws, sphere machines, belt sanders, combination units using either diamond or silicon carbide accessories, vibrating laps and rock or case tumblers. EQUIPMENT PRICES SHOWN ARE THE RETAIL PRICING! THOSE MARKED ON SALE, WILL HAVE A DISCOUNT APPLIED FROM 10-15% AT THE SHOPPING CART.

Note: All equipment is New unless listed as Used. Also, on sales of equipment dropped shipped from CA to CA residents, we must now collect sales taxes (pursuant to Board of Equalization Publication 121). Should you get charged for a tax accidently from items in stock in WY going to CA, a refund will returned. We appreciate your understanding! Image to the left is one of Covington Engineering's most popular sphere machine. Great price and great discount also.

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Here are all the products in this category:
Bead Mill-single speed
Bead Mill, two speed
3 headed sphere machine,110V, Covington
Large sphere machine #381, Covington
Small sphere machine #382, Covington
Covington's 10" trim saw
Covington 12" combination slab & trim saw
Covington 14" Combination slab & trim saw
Covington 16" combination slab & trim saw
18" 110V H.D. slab saw, Covington
Covington, 18" 220V HD slab saw
24" heavy duty slab saw, Covington
Covington 36" heavy duty slab saw
Covington, basic wet belt sander
Covington mounted wet belt sander, Model 466
Covington, commercial wet belt sander
Covington, horizontal wet belt sander
Covington, commercial horizontal wet belt sander
Covington, deluxe, commercial wet belt sander
Covington deluxe tumbler
Covington Production tumbler (40 lb. capacity)
Covington automatic vibrating lap, 10
Covington automatic vibrating lap 12
Covington automatic vibrating lap, 16
Covington 6" diamond combo unit
Husqvarna Tile Saw 10
MK Tile Saw for Glass
6" Combination unit, silicon carbide, Covington
Gallon tumbler by Covington
Triple Gallon Tumbler by Covington
Manual Gem Drill 605, Covington
Rociprolap machine, 20
Rociprolap machine, 24
Rociprolap, 110V, 30
Rociprolap, 110V, 36
Double deck vibratory lap, Diamond Pacific
Carver's Choice by DPTC
Titan, diamond gem-maker, Diamond Pacific
Genie, Diamond Pacific
Genie, Export, Diamond Pacific
Genie trim saw attachment, Diamond Pacific
Rotating disc flat lap, 12" mod., Diamond Pacific
MT-4 Mini-Sonic Vibratory Tumbler
Pixie, diamond Gem-Maker, Diamond Pacific
Foredom Jewelers Kit
Lortone single tumbler, 3A
Lortone double tumbler
Raytech Vibrating Tumbler
Ultimate Glass Saw, 10
TC-6-3000, trim saw
Thumler's A-R1 No. 103
Thumlers Tumbler, Mod. B, No 140
Thumlers Tumbler, A-R2, No.115
Thumlers Tumbler A-R6 No. 120
Thumlers Tumbler T No. 100
Thumlers UV-10 Industrial, barrel
Thumlers vibratory tumbler UV-10 Industrial
Thumlers vibratory tumbler No. UV-18 IN
Thumlers vibratory tumbler, UV-45
Tumbler, 25RT, Diamond Pacific
Tumbler, 40T, Diamond Pacific
Tumbler, 50RT, Diamond Pacific
Tumbler, 65T, Diamond Pacific
Tumbler, 75RT, Diamond Pacific
Vibratory tumbler, VT-35, Diamond Pacific, commercial
Wizard-4G 6" trim saw, Diamond Pacific