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Dogtooth calcite clusters, UT
Dogtooth calcite cluster, UT, 19 pounds
Dogtooth calcite clusters are from Utah and are sold by the pound. Colors will be dark gray to brown with some having a cystallized crust (druse) showing. Individual sharp pointed or dogtooth crystals will vary from approximately 1/2" -2" plus. Sizes of the calcite clusters will run from 5 to 25 pounds each. Pictured to the left is a 19 pound sample of dogtooth calcite cluster from Utah. The color is a dark gray. The dogtooth calcite clusters would be a great conversation piece or nice display on a book case or other shelving. When it gets dusty, just run some cool to warm soapy water over the crystals, rinse, let dry and place again on display. Dog tooth calcite crystals will fluoresce a pinkish red. (Check the underside of the cluster for this nice color display when using a UV Lamp.)

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