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Dop wax stove
Dop wax stove by Rock Rascal

The electric dop wax stove by Covington Engineering comes complete with removable copper pan and is used to melt dop wax in preparation for dopping a cabochon for grinding and polishing. The dop wax stove operates on 110V current and consumes no more power than a 50 watt bulb. The dopping wax will reach the proper temperature in 15 minutes and will retain this temperature as long as the dop wax stove is in operation or plugged into electricity. The wax will not overheat and there is no variation in temperature. No mess to clean, just disconnect the unit. Use the flat top of the stove to preheat your stones. The dop wax stove can also be used as a pickling pan and wax heater for silversmith and jewelry designing. Shipping weight of the dop wax stove is 3 lbs.

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