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Double deck vibratory lap, Diamond Pacific

The double deck vibratory lap by Diamond Pacific Tool Corp. comes complete with frame, motor, two pans, polishing pad, and set of brackets. You can be rough grinding and finish polishing at the same time on this 18" double pan set-up. Use the top pan with its special pad for all polishing, and the lower pan for the other stages of grind and pre-polish. A set of four brackets hold the two pans in place, one above the other, and are designed for easy removal of the pans. Slabs rotate in a circular orbit, and each pan comes with a heavy duty vinyl tubing around the outer edge, to act as a buffer between moving slabs and sides of pan. Machine is made of non-rusting aluminum castings and only weighs 50 pounds so can be moved from place to place, but is still heavy enough for stability while in operation. For overseas use, it may be used with a transformer, available for $80.00. Please inquire for any other information.  Shipping weight 53 lbs. FOB Barstow, CA