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Dresser stick
Picture: Blade dresser

Dresser sticks are important for sharp diamond saw blades and knife blades. The size of the dresser stick or blade dresser is 6" x 2" x 1", grit size is 220, and the weight is about one pound. When sharpening your saw blade, slice through a portion of the dresser stick which will clean and remove any glaze coating on the diamond saw blade. Remember to do this often if you are sawing hard material such as agate and jasper or metallic minerals, etc. See Common Problems When Using Your Rock Saw for further saw tips. (No need to sharpen the blade when slabbing obsidian since obsidian is a natural sharpening agent.) Slab this dresser stick in half and make it last twice as long (1" x 1" x 6"). The dresser stick or blade dresser is mounted in the vise or it can be mounted on the vise ahead of your rough rock using a board and clamps and the dresser will clean/sharpen the blade as you are in the process of sawing a slab. Please also see the new Diamond Blade Dresser units for saws, for easy, ready to use when blade sharpening/dressing is needed.

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