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DVD: Carving a Jade Triple Mobius Ribbon
DVD video; Carving a Jade Triple Mobius Ribbon, a MarkZee Tutorial.

Carving a jade triple Mobius ribbon features Donn Salt, a New Zealand Jade artist. "This Jade Moebius Ribbon is in the classic triple twist of a single sided form described by German mathematician, Professor Augustus Moebius.  In 1858, he presented a paper to the Academic des Sciences discussing the properties of single sided shapes, which he discovered when exploring the theory of geometric polyhedra.  Now this elegant shape is known as the Moebius or Mobius Ribbon." Information in the DVD: learn the best stone orientation working with jade, explore Nephrite jade grain direction for strenth, learn how to set up and use and make the best tools for this project, step by step how to carve a jade Mobius Ribbon, and learn innovative techniques for finishing a jade carving.