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Deer Creek fire agate rough
Vibra-Dry + mix, 25,000
Vibra-Dry + mix, 50,000
Yellow skin agate slabs
Tumbling rough Mule Canyon
Thumlers Tumbler T No. 100
Small sphere machine #382, Covington
Rough: Yellow skin agate
Rough: Spring Mtn. picture rock
Rough: Rutilated quartz, green
Rociprolap machine, 20
Rough: Tiger eye, gold, thin
Ceramic media, large
Ceramic media, small
Abrasive grain, 150/220 grit
Abrasive grain, 60/90 grit, coarse
Tumbler belt, Thumler's Tumbler Model A & B series
Tumbler belt-Thumler's Mod. T
Polish, Cerium oxide
Rough: Spider jasper, Mexico
Rough: Pink and green moss agate
Spanish Point agate slabs
Trapper Creek dendritic agate slabs
Rough: Bruneau jasper, sm. size
Rocks and minerals playing cards