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Rhodochrosite, Argentina
Rough for tumbling
Black chalcedony, onyx slabs
Mule Canyon palm wood, fair grade slabs
Oatman, thunder-eggs, rough
Plastic pellets 5 lb. pkg.
Polish, Rapid Polish #61
Polish-aluminum oxide, pre-polish, 800 grit
Raytech Vibrating Tumbler
Rhodonite, NV, slabs
Rough, Eden Valley, petrified wood, small
Rough: Black chalcedony, onyx
Rough: Green jasper
Rough: Moonstone, India
Rough: Spring Mtn. picture rock
Rough: Yellow skin agate
Tiger iron premium slab
Tumbled stones, assorted
Tumbler, 25RT, Diamond Pacific
Tumbling rough Mule Canyon
Yellow skin agate slabs