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Rough: Obsidian, Apache Tears
Rough: Trapper Creek dendritic agate
MK-301 10" blade, Gemking
MK-301, 14" x .065 Gemking blade
MK-301, 14" x .080 Gemking blade
MK-301, 5" Gemking blade
MK-301, 6" blade, Gemking
Dop wax, green
Deer Creek fire agate, 1/4 lb.
Graveyard Point plume, good gr. slabs
Rough: Fancy blood jasper
Rough: Graveyard Point plume agate
Rough: Rutilated quartz, black
Rough: Rutilated quartz, green
Tiger iron premium slab
Aluminum, brass pencil set
Mule Canyon palm wood, fair grade slabs
Rough: Spring Mtn. picture rock
Rhodochrosite, Argentina
Beeswax for flat lapping
Flat lapping slabs
Dinosaur bone, red, UT, polished
Carnelian agate