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Make a slab smaller without a saw
18" 110V H.D. slab saw, Covington
6" Combination unit, silicon carbide, Covington
Tule slabs, CA
Deer Creek fire agate rough
Rough: Onyx, calcite, green, UT
Polish-aluminum oxide, pre-polish, 800 grit
Rough: Green moss agate, No.1
Rough: Agate nodules, ex. small, Brazil
Rough: Leopardskin, Mex.
Flint, red, OH, slabs
Tumbler belt-Thumler's Mod. T
Black chalcedony, onyx slabs
Old Miser Grit Carrier-5 lbs.
Vibra-Dry + mix, 50,000
Covington 14" Combination slab & trim saw
Priday Ranch, dendrites-1
Covington 16" combination slab & trim saw
Crinoid plate, TX
TX crinoid sample cab
Genie, Diamond Pacific