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Tiger iron, premium, Australia, rough
Black chalcedony, onyx slabs
Black zebra agate slabs
MK-303 Professional 24" saw blade
Obsidian, silver sheen slabs, NV
Cady Mtn. jasper slabs
Obsidian, mahogany slabs
Priday Ranch, thunder-eggs, rough
Polish, Rapid Polish #61
Rough: Obsidian, Apache Tears
Rough Yellow blackskin
Rough, Turritella agate, (Goniobasis)
Rough: Agate, Brazil, choice
Rough: Blackskin agate, India
$50.00 Gift Certificate
A Sphere Maker's Craft
Bead Mill, two speed
Cab King, 6" by Covington
Canvas bag
Fancy blood jasper slabs
Grab bag special
Green moss agate slabs
Leopardskin slabs, Mex.