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Covington Production tumbler (40 lb. capacity)
Large sphere machine #381, Covington
Thumlers Tumbler, Mod. B, No 140
Pink and green jasper, slab
Galaxy diamond grinding wheels
The World of Minerals and Crystals, Their Properties, Forms and Uses
Blue Mtn. jasper, 1.2, pol.
3 headed sphere machine,110V, Covington
Aventurine, orange slabs
Black zebra agate slabs
Covington 12" combination slab & trim saw
Covington automatic vibrating lap, 16
Diamond blade dresser, lg.
Diamond blade dresser, sm.
Dop wax stove
Foredom Jewelers Kit
Grab bag special
MK-303 Professional 10" saw blade
Leopardskin slabs, Mex.
Obsidian, rainbow slabs, Mex.
Viper jasper slabs
White fortification agate slabs