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MK Tile Saw for Glass
Gallon tumbler by Covington
Triple Gallon Tumbler by Covington
Ultimate Glass Saw, 10
Husqvarna Tile Saw 10
Dresser stick
MK-303 Professional 10" saw blade
Magnetic Nova laps 12
Rough: Obsidian, snowflake
Rough: White fortification agate
Rough: Green moss agate, No.1
Rough: Blackskin agate, India
Onyx, silver lace slabs
Rough: Rutilated quartz, black
Malachite slabs, So. Africa
Rough: Bloodstone, India, sm.
Polish, TXP tumble polish
18" 110V H.D. slab saw, Covington
Ceramic media, large
Covington 16" combination slab & trim saw
Dop wax stove
MK-101 Tile saw
MT-4 Mini-Sonic Vibratory Tumbler
Pixie, diamond Gem-Maker, Diamond Pacific
TC-6-3000, trim saw
Thumlers Tumbler, Mod. B, No 140
Thumlers vibratory tumbler, UV-45
Tumbler, 25RT, Diamond Pacific
Lortone single tumbler, 3A