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Items on sale, new products, or items of interest! We are celebrating our 16th year of being on our web site. Free shipping is available through August 18th, USA only, for slabs and rough as noted, using Priority flat rate boxes. Please check out the MK Diamond saw blades now offered at larger discounts. Thank you for your patronage!
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Prehnite rough & slabs
MK-303 Professional, 8" saw blade
Thumlers Tumbler, A-R2, No.115
Thumlers Tumbler, Mod. B, No 140
Rough: Pink and green moss agate
Rough: Agate nodules, ex. small, Brazil
Rough: Mook, mookaite jasper
Brazil agate slabs
Aventurine, orange slabs
Montana agate slabs
Onyx, silver lace slabs
Howlite slabs
24" heavy duty slab saw, Covington
Bead Mill, two speed
Covington automatic vibrating lap, 16
Double deck vibratory lap, Diamond Pacific
Pixie, diamond Gem-Maker, Diamond Pacific
MK-301 12" Gemking blade
MK-301 18" Gemking saw blade
MK-301, 20" Gemking saw blade
MK-301, 8" Gemking saw blade
MK-303 12" Professional blade
MK-303 16" Professional blade
MK-303 9" Professional saw blade
MK-303 Professional 14" saw blade
MK-303 Professional 18" saw blade
MK-303 Professional 20" saw blade
MK-303 Professional 24" saw blade
MK-303 Professional 36" saw blade
MK-303 16" Professional saw blade
MK-301 16" GemKing saw blade
MK-303, Professional 7" saw blade
MK-101 Tile saw
MK-145 Tile saw
MK-660 Tile saw
Needles blue agate rough
Rose quartz, SD rough
Sand Spikes, Mount Signal, CA 2
Sand Spikes, Mount Signal, CA 3
Aventurine, green with inclusions