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3 headed sphere machine,110V, Covington
A Sphere Maker's Craft
Abrasive grain, 60/90 grit, coarse
Assorted unnamed slabs
Aventurine, green with inclusions
Aventurine, orange slabs
Black chalcedony, onyx slabs
Bloodstone, premium, slabs
Cathedral agate No. 2 slabs
Covington 6" diamond combo unit
Covington's 10" trim saw
Galaxy diamond grinding wheels
Genie, Diamond Pacific
Grab bag special
Iron pyrite, "fool's gold
MK-303 9" Professional saw blade
Nova Resin-Bond Diamond Wheels
Polish, TXP tumble polish
Rhodonite, NV, slabs
Rock Tumbling Hobby
Rough for tumbling
Tumbler, 40T, Diamond Pacific
Vibra-Dry + mix, 25,000
Wooden cobra stand, lg.