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Covington 12" combination slab saw
Rhodonite, Victoria, Canada
Covington deluxe tumbler
Covington mounted wet belt sander, Model 466
Tumbler, 25RT, Diamond Pacific
Big Sur jade, rough 16
Big Sur jade, rough 32
Oatman, thunder-eggs, rough
Oregon thunder-egg
Rough: Picture rock-Succor Creek
Rough, Palm wood, red, Texas
Rough: Bloodstone, India, sm.
Rough: Aventurine, green
Rough, Hubbard Basin petrified wood
WY jade, 40 x 30mm
WY jade, 30 x 22 mm
WY jade 25 x 18mm
WY jade, 18 x 13mm
Tulle, rough, CA
Rough: Graveyard Point plume agate
Rough: Yellow skin agate
Aventurine, orange slabs
Brazil, premium slabs
Brazil whiteskin slabs
Brazil, rainbow slabs
Rutilated quartz, clear, Brazil
Red plumes, Mex. slab
MT agate, unique slab