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Cab King, 6" by Covington
Covington 12" combination slab & trim saw
Covington's 10" trim saw
Covington Rock Hound Oil, 5 gal.
Deer Creek fire agate rough
Covington deluxe tumbler
Rotating disc flat lap, 12" mod., Diamond Pacific
Rough Yellow blackskin
Rough: Agate nodules, ex. small, Brazil
Rough: Black chalcedony, onyx
Rough: Blackskin agate, India
Rough: Obsidian, Apache Tears
Rough: Bloodstone, India, lg.
Rough: Tigereye, variegated, No. 1
Rough: Yellow skin agate
Bruneau jasper 24 x 40mm
Polish, TXP tumble polish
Polish, Red Rouge Powder
Morrisonite jasper #030
Silver lace onyx, 30 x 22mm, cab
Black chalcedony, onyx slabs
Black zebra agate slabs
Bloodstone, India slabs
Bloodstone, premium, slabs
Bruneau jasper No.12
Fancy blood jasper slabs
Green moss agate slabs
Montana agate slabs
Needles Peak agate slabs
Spanish Point agate slabs
Obsidian, mahogany lace with snow flakes, rough
Obsidian, mahogany lace with snow flakes, slab