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Lajitas palm wood slab, TX Fossils or ancient remains of plant or animal life for display or cutting material.
Natural fossils in the rough, such as petrified wood, palm wood, coral, snails, fossil fish, and fossil slabs for cabbing. If a fossil description mentions agatized, this will indicate it's ability to be used for cabbing for interesting polished samples. Lajitas palm wood from Texas is shown on the left.
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Diplomystus, framed
Knightia, fossil fish, WY state fossil
Knightia, WY plate 2
Mioplosus Labracoides multiplate
Palm wood, Mule Canyon (Calico)
Needles blue palm wood
Palm wood, Lajitas
Palm wood, red, Texas
Petrified wood, Eden Valley, small rds.
Petrified wood, Saddle Mtn.
Turritella agate, (Goniobasis)
AZ petrified wood slab, unpolished
Black palm slabs, West Texas,
Crinoid plate, TX
Fossilized wood slabs assorted
Hubbard Basin wood slabs
Lajitas palm wood, slab
Monkey face palm
Mule Canyon palm wood, fair grade slabs
Mule Canyon, (Calico) palm wood slabs
Needles blue palm wood slabs
Petoskey Stone, fossil
Palm wood fiber, Mule Canyon slabs
Saddle Mtn wood slabs
Tempskya, (Knowltoni) slabs
Tulle slabs
Tumbling rough Mule Canyon
Tumbling rough Needles blue palm