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Future: Rock Shop Web Site?

Is there a possibility of a future rock shop or online web site in the back of your mind? If you love rocks, you just can't help but be a collector, and before you know it, you will have more than you need and may consider parting with some. It may be possible when you are ready for retirement or want to bring in extra dollars, a rock shop or online web site is something to consider. In any case, as you are collecting, buying, and or trading, keep a notebook of all purchases, and other important information for each material, where it's found, map location, purchase price, dealer, etc. When visiting a shop, write the owners name down and some of their products you were interested in on their business card. If and when you call, or visit again, the owner will appreciate you asking for them in person. As the years pass, some of this information will escape your memory.  You may want to get more of this material as demand dictates. After slabbing and cleaning your rock slabs, wrap them in newspaper for storage, and record the product name on the packaging. You will want to accurately identify all products in your inventory. For equipment, a rock saw or slabbing saw is very important. It's tough some times to know the quality of an unknown rough until you slab the material and see if there are a lot of fractures and or pits in the material. Remember the term used for some rocks collected, Leaverite! Which means, Leave-er-right where you found it. No sense collecting 100 lbs of something that is of no value. A saw will let you know the quality of the material. A shop will need a variety of material or products to sell, so keep learning and or buying as you can. This is money spent but saved for future earnings.  The wealth of information on the web is amazing with images and other information on various gem material and or where to find or buy, so it might be a good idea to keep a scrapbook of this information and pictures of products. This knowledge will come in handy for future purchases, or finding quality material in rock sales, gem shows, or even yard sales. Also, if you find good material that you enjoy working with, and have already opened your shop, please save the best sample of each variety and put away in display cabinet marked NOT FOR SALE or store them out of sight. Before you know it, you may not have one premium sample left for you to admire. We have enjoyed working with rocks for many years and wanted to share a few tips learned along the way. Enjoy and have fun! You will be ahead of the game if and when the desire arises! Linna Beebe