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Gemstones and other unique minerals and rocks of Wyoming, a field guide
Book: Gemstones and Other unique minerals and rocks of WY, A field guide for collectors

The book: Gemstones and Other Unique Minerals and Rocks of Wyoming, A Field Guide for Collectors, is by W. Dan Hausel and Wayne M. Sutherland, a 3rd reprint of the 2000 edition, printed in 2014. If you live or visit WY, this is a must have book for collecting some of the treasures of WY. The 268 pages of the 6" x 9" paper back book is also known as Bulletin No. 71 by the Wyoming State Geological Survey. When the book ran out of copies, used copies were selling for as high as $150.00, and I have seen some lately for just under $70.00. These are new copies and we hope you'll enjoy reading and rock hunting the many gemstones and other material found in Wyoming. Many localities are listed by range and township, etc. Want to visit areas with gold, WY diamonds, staurolites, ruby, sapphires, tabular barite crystals, and so much more, this is a book you'll appreciate! See page 188, a map of WY with a listing of a number of popular semi-precious stones & where they may be found. There are geologic maps, color photos, and information for other maps you can purchase for more detailed information of localities of interest. (Stock Bulletin No. 71)