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Grab bag pattern-Levi's
Pattern for grab bag of old Levi's or jeans.

A grab bag using old Levi's or jeans is shown in the photo image. Use the craft pattern to make some rock bags, or grab bags yourself at almost no cost using worn out jeans, and odd buttons on hand.  As  you can see in the image, cut either two equal pieces of material  or one long strip which can be folded. Sew a hem across about 1 1/2" thick where the button and button hole will be placed.  A draw string does not work well in the thick jean type material so a button and or snaps should be used.  It's a good idea to make the button hole now after the hems are made and then match up the top of the two hems and sew around the other three sides of the grab bag with an approximate seam of 1/2" from the edge of the material.  If you have found a long piece of the jean material, then only two side seams will need to be sewn together.  Machine wash and dry the grab bags to produce the fluffy edges to give the bag some character. You'll need to trim the loose strings around the bag after washing and drying but now it's ready. It will be fun for the students to use permanent marking pens for writing their name and or other designs on their very own rock bag. Get ready for some happy smiles!