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Grab bag special
Picture: Grab bag special.

Grab bag special contains assorted rock, crystals, minerals, polished stones and fossils. Items included may be: a slice of a semi-precious gemstone, green garnet crystal, Petoskey stone, petrified palm wood, fluorite octahedron, Apache tear (obsidian), quartz crystal, black tourmaline, Lakeview sunstone, India sunstone, moonstone, amethyst, chalcedony rose (these will fluoresce under a UV lamp, iron pyrite or "fools gold", bloodstone, gypsum crystal, tumbled stones, plus possibly more. The grab bag items will come in a plastic bag, but find the grab bag pattern under the category of Lapidary Tips and make a cloth bag to make the gift even nicer. Approximate one pound of assorted samples are found in this grab bag special. Stock number 2105 Enjoy!