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Green moss agate slabs
Green moss agate slab, India
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Slab orders are sold by five one inch squares in one slab. (Stock 230s) The green moss agate slab image shown contains an order of 12 one inch squares or 2 plus orders. It is approximately 3" x 4".  Translucent bright green moss agate with other colors of gold and or white are possible. Green moss agate from India has been a favorite gemstone of many for years. It will take a great polish. Remember, most slabs listed under Slabs for Cabbing are approximately 1/4" thick for making domed cabs, but check out Green moss agate slabs, 1/16" thick for craft projects such as kaleidoscopes and more. One order of green moss agate slabs can be from five one inch squares inches and up. Large slabs are ideal for painting by artists, sun catchers, or use as is with plate holders for decorative features in your home, knife handles, etc. One order is approximately 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" or any combination that will contain 5 one inch squares as a sample of the material. We will do our best to get you the size you request.

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