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Introduction Little Sphere Maker, Covington
Covington Little Sphere Machine, #382

We hope the following information for Covington Engineering's Model #382, Little Sphere Maker will be of assistance when thinking about purchasing one of these great machines for making small spheres. (Compliments to Covington Engineering for sharing this information!) "We recommend that an easy to work material be chosen for the first sphere cut on your new machine.  Onyx and glass are two of these materials that will help the cutter acquire the fundamentals of basic operation associated with this machine.  Contrary to general belief, the cutting of perfect spheres is relatively simple.  All one needs is a good trim saw, a set of grinding wheels and polishing buff, and of course, your new sphere machine.  You can make beautifully polished spheres from 1/4 to 1 inch in size. DESCRIPTION: The downward slanted cutter and shafts of the machine run the preformed gemstone sphere in a bath of grit.  This eliminates the need for constantly dabbing the preform with grit from a brush and also causes the grit slurry to run away from the bearing and grit slingers.  In addition, the cutting action is much faster as the preformed sphere runs in grit.  The grinding heads are spring-loaded so continuous adjustment is not necessary.  Replaceable nylon bearings give years of trouble-free service.  Unit has adjustable ways (can adjust space between grinding cups). Sphere controller keeps groves from forming on the sphere. INSTALLATION: SAFETY: before plugging your unit into your electrical supply, read the Covington Safety Demand Sheet.  Check each nylon bearing for proper lubrication.  Lubricate with 3 drops of #20 SAE oil, if necessary. ADJUSTMENT: ANY NEW MACHINE IS ADJUSTED AT THE FACTORY. Should adjustment be necessary, adjust in the following manner.  Install a set of #4 cutter cups.  Using the large sphere sample, align the cups, making sure both cups close in evenly on the sample.  Any VERTICAL misalignment can be corrected by (1) loosening either head; and (2) loosening the shaft collar and pulley.  By moving the arbor in, the cutter will be lowered.  Moving the arbor out will raise the cutter.  Any HORIZONTAL misalignment can be corrected by (1) loosening all four retaining screws of either bearing assembly, and (2) shifting the assembly to bring it in line with its mate. Shere cups #3 and #4 are held on the main arbor shafts with allen set screws.  #3 cup is the  master cup on which #1 and #2 cups are mounted.  Simply slip inside cup #3 and tighten set screw with handy wrenches provided.  Size of the cups are #1-1/4", #2-3/8", #3-5/8" and #4-7/8". MAINTENANCE: Keep all moving parts lightly oiled. Oil motor bearings (located on each end of the motor with one drop of 3-in-1 oil every six months. Do not over oil the motor. WARNING: The motor has a normal working temperature which is too hot to touch."

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