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Knightia, fossil fish, WY state fossil
Knightia fossil fish, WY

One each of Knightia fossil fish from the Green River Formation, out of Kemmerer, WY. Knightia is the state fossil of Wyoming and estimated to be 40-60 million years old (Eocene Age). The fossil fish are classified as Good, and are in excellent preservation. Each fish has been cleaned and prepared and a complete specimen will be from 3"-5".  The fossil itself, will be brown on a cream colored limestone. Note the shape in the fossil image shown. The limestone is finished with a rectangular shape, which will be nice for woodworkers to make a frame and improve the value of the fossil.  Other fossil fish samples are finished with an oval shaped. These can also be mounted in a frame or placed in a slab holder to display the fossil. Do you have young students or grandchildren? A state fossil collection would be an interesting hobby for anyone. Knightia was adopted as Wyoming's state fossil on Feb. 18, 1987 and was named for Wilbur Clinton Knight, Wyoming's first state geologist. Knightia is a prehistoric herring, closely retated to the modern herring. Enjoy your Knightia, or contact the Kemmerer Chamber of Commerce for more information to find your own on private claims for a fee.(Stock 722)