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Lapidary Books & Videos

Book: A Sphere Maker's Craft by Robert Ritchie.

Books and videos on topics such as: sphere making, field trip guide books for rock or fossil collecting, learn to identify rocks and minerals, learn how to cut cabochons, carve gemstones, wire wrapping techniques, tips on tumbling, rock polishing and more.
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Advanced Beadwork
A Sphere Maker's Craft
Cabochon Cutting
Cabochon Cutting, Advanced
Desert Gem Trails
Dryhead Agate, John T. Hurst
DVD: Carving a Jade Triple Mobius Ribbon
Gemstones and other unique minerals and rocks of Wyoming, a field guide
Gem Trails of Northern California
Gem Trails of Texas
Gem Tumbling and Baroque Jewelry Making
Genuine Diamonds Found In Arkansas
Gold Diggers Atlas
Guide For Rock Polishers
Jade, Fred Ward Gem Series
Jewelry Craft Made Easy
Jewelry Maker's Handbook
Roadside Geology of Wyoming
Rocks and Minerals, Frederick H. Pough
Where to Find Gold & Gems in Nevada
The World of Minerals and Crystals, Their Properties, Forms and Uses