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Lapidary Tips

param.alt Basic lapidary instruction, craft projects, care of equipment, plus
Assorted lapidary tips, how to tumble, slab saw techniques, polishing, flat lapping, craft projects, etc.

Assorted Lapidary Tips
Basic lapping procedures
Bead Mill Instructions
Bookends, Felt Coverings
Introduction Little Sphere Maker, Covington
Covington instructions, vibrating laps
Decorated rock slabs instructions
Diamond blade Dresser Tips
Dopping gemstones
Dugway mining diorama
Flat lapping slabs
Future: Rock Shop Web Site?
Gluing stones on blocks of wood
Grab bag pattern
Grab bag pattern-Levi's
How to break rocks for tumbling
How to make rock bugs and spiders
How to use Old Miser
Jade Finishing by Bill Myers
Lapidary tips for making spheres
Nibbling slab technique
Obsidian tumbling using Vibra-Dry+ Gary Olson
Another obsidian tumbling recipe, Gary Olson
Optimizing Saw Blade Life
Polishing Petoskey stone
Reclaiming saw oil
Sawing matched bookends
Slab sawing guidelines
Slabbing small or round rough rocks
Tumbling with rotary or barrel tumblers
Tumbling with vibratory tumblers
Vibratory tumbling by Myers
Vibra-Dry + Instructions
Wonderstone A cab, not for sale
Make a slab smaller without a saw