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Large sphere machine #381, Covington
Covington sphere machine mod. 381
15% Discount
The large sphere machine mod. #381 (381LSM) by Covington Engineering, will make beautiful spheres from 1 1/4" to 9" in size. The large sphere cutter has dual 1/3 HP, 110 V motors, an automatic grit application with slurry bowl, spring loaded cutting heads, cutting angle adjustment, shielded arbor shafts and bearings, and a large metal cabinet with shelf. The downward slanted cutter cups and shafts run the sphere in a bath of grit. This eliminates the need to constantly dab grit on with a brush. It also causes the grit slurry to run away from the bearing. The angle of the cutting cups can be increased as the rough corners of the sphere grind off. Since the heads are spring loaded, continuous adjustment is unnecessary. Covington's large sphere machine, comes complete with 2 polishing buffs, 2 grit pans, instructions, guarantee and choice of one pair of cutter cups. (See cutter cups listed in the Lapidary Supplies category.) NOTE: The SHOPPING CART will list a charge for your cutter cups, but this charge will be deducted from the final bill when your charge card is charged. Should you desire to get several sets of cutter cups, the most expensive set will be the free set. Size 43" x 19" x 43", shipping weight 250 lbs. Export unit with 220V/50 Hz model also available. FOB Redlands, CA.  NOTE: The sphere machine will have to be shipped motor truck freight. Freight charge will be added separately after your approval.

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