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Lortone 12 lb. barrel Only

Lortone replacement rubber barrel is a 12 pound capacity barrel of soft rubber. The barrel comes with a metal lid; weight of 5 pounds; outside dimensions are 7 1/2" in width by 8 3/8" in height; a 5/8" nut with washer & instructions. Take off the nut and washer to find the list of instructions on the bottom side of the label. Just in case your instructions get lost or other, please find the instructions by Lortone Inc. listed below. "To Open: Remove knurled nut and washer. Press down on center bolt with thumb while lifting up on outside of pan with fingers. After pan has been removed, lift inner lid out by center bolt. If pan is difficult to remove, insert washer between edge of pan and barrel and turn to loosen. CAUTION: Do not use commercial liquid cleaners, intensified detergents or baking soda. To Close: Wipe inner shoulder of barrel and lid clean. Press lid into barrel until it rests on inner shoulder. Place pan on barrel and press down until edge of pan rests on outside shoulder of barrel hold pan in place with one hand while installing washer and knurled nut with other. Stock #100110