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Lortone single tumbler, 3A
Lortone single tumbler 3A
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Lortone's single tumbler (Model 3A) will handle up to three pounds, with the weight of the barrel and contents combined. The small tumbler is now being offered by Covington Engineering. Great tumbler for those just getting started or for small stones. Dimensions are 7" x 17" x 5", with a weight of 5 pounds. The small size, and quiet sound, makes it ideal for use in your shop and or home. See the photo for items included when purchasing the Lortone single barrel tumbler, such as instructions, a book on tumbling, parts list, extra belt, large washer and closure knob. Do not over tighten the knob, just hand tight. Please do not over load the barrel, or you could burn up the motor. For those polishing light weight beads, you may need to set the tumbler on an angle with a book or two to get gravity to help turn the barrel. The units are designed for years of trouble free service, and is U.L. listed for safety. The tumbler has a molded rubber barrel with sure-seal closure lid with another rubber and metal lid. The large washer comes in handy to pry the top metal lid off. The instruction booklet says to pull on the screw to lift the next rubber/metal lid off. I had some trouble getting it off at first, but pull the screw from side to side and lift up the metal lid. Please read your instructions for the best outcome for tumbling. The label on the lid has further instructions for use of the tumbler. Just turn over the label and read. Make sure the screw top closure knob sets in the small metal bracket close to the motor end. Stock LOR3AT

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