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Make a slab smaller without a saw
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How to make a slab smaller without a saw was recently shared with one of our customers who was delighted, so we wanted to share this information just in case it might be of interest to others. The prices for a rock saw and or trim saw  has increased over the years and has prohibited many of having a rock saw.  Trimming a slab, especially a large slab for a cabochon with just the use of nipper plyers, or a dremel tool, can be tedious and waste material.  A tip we have learned to help make a slab of obsidian smaller is with the use of a glass cutter, a hand held unit with a rolling carbide wheel, which will cost just a few dollars. Lay the slab on a table and with the use of a ruler, score a line where you want the slab to break.  Run the glass cutter several times on this line. If you have a vise in your shop or garage, place the slab in the vise jaws and tighten but not too hard.  The scored line  should show just above the jaws where you can see the line.  Lightly tap along this line with a  hammer, and  your slab should break nicely. Another option is with use of a hard surface such as a steel table.  After scoring the line on your slab, pop the slab along the scored line on the sharp edge of the steel table and it should break nicely. This usually works well for jaspers also. We have some old metal milk crates, and you can pop this scored line onto the milk crate wire also. Just as a precaution, use material that is in abundance until you get the hang of it. This is quick and easy and almost like sawing without a rock saw. Good luck!