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Malachite slabs, So. Africa
Thanksgiving Celebration - USA only, Free shipping for rough and slabs only using Priority flat rate boxes, Nov. 1 - Dec.6

Malachite slabs have interesting black and green concentric rings or bands and one order will  have a total of five one inch squares of good material. The slab image shown has two slabs for the order, with one slab with 3 one inch squares and a slab with 2 one inch squares of good material to complete an order of one.  Most slabs are small from one to five square inches but a very few larger ones.  There are some vuggy areas in some slabs, but these areas are not counted. As recommended by lapidary artists, be sure and use plenty of water and avoid over heating, when grinding or polishing the stone. Absolutely beautiful jewelry can be made with malachite. Temporarily out except for very small 1-2" slabs. Send us an e-mail if this size would work for you.