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MK-301 18" Gemking saw blade
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The MK-301 Gemking 18" saw blade is part number 166072. Diameter  is 18", (457mm), width .085, and arbor 1". The MK-301 Gemking lapidary blades have been redesigned with a greater diamond concentration and a higher carbon content steel core for improved tension memory.  The solid diamond sintered kerf provides better cutting performance and improved coolant flow.  The MK-301 provides superior cutting performance for hard materials such as agate, petrified wood or jade. The MK-301 lapidary blades requires a petroleum based or synthetic cutting oil as a cutting fluid/coolant.  Water is NOT suitable to use with these blades and they should not be used dry under any circumstances. The MK-301 Gemking blades are available in sizes of: 6" to 18". Please inquire! The durability of these blade for cutting very hard rock, when used properly, is impressive. Please see lapidary tips category for articles in regards to slabbing, keeping your saw blades clean and sharp, etc.