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MK-301, 6" Gemking saw blade
15% Discount

MK-301, Gemking diamond lapidary saw blade: diameter - 6" (152mm), width - .025, arbor - 5/8", rim height 5mm, part number 166066. MK-301 Gemking (TM) lapidary blades have been redesigned with a greater diamond concentration and a higher carbon content steel core for improved tension memory.  The solid diamond sintered kerf provides better cutting performance and improved coolant flow.  The MK-301 provides superior cutting performances for  hard materials such as agate, petrified wood or jade.  MK-301 lapidary blades require a petroleum based or synthetic cutting oil as a cutting fluid/coolant.  Water is not suitable to use with these blades and they should not be used dry under any circumstances.  Price shown is retail, but get a discount at the Shopping Cart. Manufactured by MK Diamond Products, Inc. We are proud to have been a dealer for MK Diamond Products for 25 years.