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MK Diamond Products

MK-301 diamond saw blade, by MK Diamond Products Diamond lapidary saw blades and more.
MK Diamond lapidary saw blades from 4" to 36" sizes. MK Diamond Products is an American company that got started in 1868. Now MK Diamond Products is a world leader for precision power cutting tools and diamond saw blades. Diamond lapidary saw blades are offered with a discount. Special arbors can be bushed to smaller sizes. Specify at time of order via e-mail or phone if different than offered. Please note blade thicknesses will vary but not all are listed. If you have a preference for a thinner or thicker blade, please send an e-mail and we'll send you other options if available.

The MK-303 Professional grade continous rim blades for lapidary materials produces smoother cuts and is used for cutting rare and valuable materials when waste must be held to a minimum and speed of cut is essential. The Professional series diamond blades last longer and will cut faster than ordinary notiched-rim or plated diamond blades. Designed for use with a water soluble coolant. Blades 4" - 14" have continous rim blades. Blades 16" and larger have segmented rims.

The MK-301 Gemking (TM) lapidary blades have been redesigned with a greater diamond concentration and a higher carbon content steel core for improved tension memory. The solid diamond sintered kerf provides better cutting performance and improved coolant flow. The blades provides superior cutting performance for hard materials such as agate, petrified wood or jade. NOTE: MK-301 lapidary blades require a petroleum based or synthetic cutting oil as a cutting fluid/coolant. Water is not suitable to use with these blades and will result in damage to the blade's cutting capacity and will void the warranty. The blades should not be used dry under any circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: All the above mentioned MK Diamond lapidary blades may be harmed or cause excessive wear if the blade is reversed. Please note the rotation on the blade for best results."

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