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Nibbling slab technique
Nibbling slab technique with a chisel and hammer.

Nibbling slab techniques are an important step working with slabs.  It can be difficult to work a slab and draw the template pattern if an ear or raised area is in the way of laying the slab flat or interferes with the use of a cabbing template.  First, shown in the image is one way to get rid of the remnant or drop off ear from a previous slab.  Most important in this procedure is to find a dead flat surface to lay the slab on and to have a flat smooth slab back to lay on the surface.  Place a chisel low on the face of the slab as near parallel with the slab face as possible, with the slab ear up, and at the edge of the raised area you are trying to remove.  (Notice also in the image, several fingers are holding the slab in place.)  Hit the chisel with a hammer starting at one edge taking small bites. Chip away at the edge you want to remove until clean, using sharp but not heavy blows with the hammer. Nibbling with a pair of pliers may work on softer material or thinner slabs. Another technique is to use the grind stone or flat lap to remove this lip or ear, but be aware, grinding may take a lot of time.