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Novaculite for Knapping
$0.00 is the source for all of your flint-knapping and lapidary stone needs. Located in Magnet Cove, Arkansas the "Mecca of Minerals". Novaculite can be extremely sharp, please take necessary precautions to avoid injury. (Gloves and Safety Glasses.) Novaculite-A very fine grained sedimentary rock composed mostly of microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline quartz. Novaculite is a recrystallized variety of chert. It is dense, hard, and white to gray-black in color with other colors less common. It can be opaque to slightly translucent, sharp edges, and has a dull to waxy luster. It typically breaks with a smooth conchoidal (shell-like) fracture. Novaculite is found in the Ouachita Mountains in formations that are highly resistant to erosion. The name comes from the Latin word novacula, meaning "razor stone." It has been mined since prehistoric times both as material for use as arrow and spear points and as sharpening stones or whetstones. The qualities of novaculite whetstones as an abrasive tool are still unmatched today. German and Japanese scientists have reported that novaculite from the Magnet Cove areas is pure to 99.9 percent silica, the only known location of novaculite of this quality. Best of luck to Dillon Erwin with his web site,!