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Octahedron, fluorite
Picture: Fluorite octahedrons, IL small size.

Fluorite octahedrons are an eight sided crystal form which comes in a number of colors. The octahedrons are from Illinois. The size of the octahedron is approximately 1/2" to 3/4" from tip to tip. The color for the fluorite octahedron crystals is usually purple, but may also be violet, or clear. A few other colors are available, for multiple orders. Octahedrons are rare and hard to find. If more than one octahedron crystal is ordered, a variety of available colors will be given. (If you want matching colors, (to make earrings, etc.) be sure to send an e-mail either before or immediately after ordering and we'll do our best.) They are great for getting young students interested in geology, mineral collectors, etc. Sometimes one tip of the octahedron will break off and this is a perfect mounting place for glueing to a jewelry mounting. Check out the Grab bag special which contains one octahedron plus more mineral samples. The octahedrons will fluoresce purple.