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Onyx, silver lace slabs
Picture: Silver lace onyx slabs, CA.

Silver lace onyx slabs will contain five one inch squares of approx. 1/4" thick slices. Silver lace onyx is from the Calico Mtns. of CA. and has color bands of gray and white with some yellow and contains black dendrites, some resembling miniature trees. The onyx was found many years ago by Lucille Burns McShan Coke while out rockhunting. Silver lace onyx was assayed and found to contain silver and Lucille received the honor of naming the gemstone. Silver lace onyx is terrific for unique cabochons. The rock will likely never be commercially dug again, due to it's inacessability. See a lovely cabochon (Not for Sale) complete with silver mounting by clicking on the link below. Stock 573s.

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