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Pietersite slabs, So. Africa, Grp. 2
Pietersite slab, So. Africa Grp. 2, 14 one inch squares

Pietersite slabs from So. Africa are still available.  The slab shown is in group 2 and has an approximate size of 6" x 3" x 1/4" and containes 17 one inch squares. The slab shown is a complete slab from rough.  As you know, most rough slices from one rock will be very similar in color and patterns, but each slice may have a different size and or square inches in the slab. You'll notice a few small spots of quartz, and swirls of blue hawk's eye and tiger's eye, etc. Normal stock number for Pietersite is 477s if you want to call for info.  This rare material is from Namibia, So. Africa and only one other country (China) has been found with Pietersite material. The chatoyance is beautiful and best seen with bright sunshine and or a bright light. CAUTION: when working Pietersite into cabochons, do not work dry, use plenty of water. OUT!