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Polish, Rapid Polish #61

Rapid Polish #61 averages .3 micron or about 75,000 mesh, aluminum oxide, calcined alumina. Use Rapid Polish for hand polishing stones, cabochons or stones that tend to orange peel, (tend to undercut like jades, rhodonite, etc.) For an optimum polish, use Rapid Polish #61 on a hard slick pad or wood disc, etc., starting damp dry and finish dry dry. An order of one is for a one pound package of #61 Rapid Polish. It gives a superior finish on jade and has a broad coverage for other lapidary stones, including hickeryite, obsidian, rhodonite, petoskey, hematite, flints, and jaspers. Also recommended as an excellent polish to use on hand lapping equipment and tumble polishing cabochons. #61 Rapid Polish has a plate shaped configuration with sharp edges. It DOES NOT break down fast. That is why it is recommended for use in a vibratory tumbler. According to the manufacturer, some of the soft stones such as turquoise do not finish well with #61 Rapid polish. (Formerly known as Myers Rapid Polish #61).