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Polish, TXP tumble polish
$ 8.95

TXP polish is sold in one pound packages and is a micron sized aluminum oxide polish, 3.0 micron or 8,000 mesh. TXP has a general spherical shape and in the impact of a rotary tumbler breaks down very fast. TXP has been proven to be the best all around tumble polish for preferably the rotary or barrel tumblers. It is an excellent polish for tumbling most rock, stone or semi-precious gemstone material (agates, jasper, etc.) Information has been related recently that a reduced amount of the TXP polish will produce faster results. The manufacturers state to use one tablespoon per 10 pounds of rock and separating material in the polishing stage, or reduce accordingly to the amount of rock in your rotary tumbler. (For instance for a three pound barrel tumbler, try one teaspoon of TXP polish per load.) We used to think the more expensive the polish is, the better it will polish. TXP did just as well as the more expensive polishes such as tin oxide. Remember to keep a notebook on the amount of grit and polishing steps and what works for your tumbler and various gem materials. Onyx, woods, and agates, each will have a different tumbling process for fast, good results. TXP in a five pound package is available for $40.25. For more information on tumbling with rotary or barrel tumblers or with vibratory tumblers, please see related articles listed under Lapidary Tips.