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Rhodonite, NV, slabs
New Year Celebration - Free shipping, rough & slabs for Jan. USA Only

Rhodonite slabs from Nevada are available. Please note the image shows a rhodonite slab with 3 plus orders in it (at least 15 one inch squares in the one slab) & the price of the 3 orders in one slab would be $13.50, but smaller slabs are also available. The NV rhodonite is very hard and will take a high polish. Rhodonite with deep pink color and manganese streaks or veinlets has been prized by many and is touted as one of the important gemstones for many years along with jade, turquoise, variscite, amazonite, etc.  Remember to wrap your slabs in newspaper if you are not ready to polish or make cabochons in the near future, as the manganese will slowly darken the slab if not protected. This darken exterior will polish off, if it's not left too long. Once the item is polished, the oxidation will not occur. Stock #637s.