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Rociprolap, 110V, 30

The Rociprolap machine, with a 30" lap plate, 110V, 60Hz is available form Covington Engineering. As an owner using 4 of the 24"  units, we feel they are the finest lapping machines in the market today. It is a precision built machine designed to eliminate the labor-intesive work of lapping and polishing.  The plate revolves slowly and reciprocates 575 times per minute.  Usually the 30" machine does need to be bolted down, but depends on what is being ground, but most do not need it. The lap plate is constructed of cast iron and steel.  The lap plate's surface is machined flat to a very close tolerance, touted by an aerospace company as being able to lap within three light bands of helium light or millionths of an inch of flatness. It is extremely quiet in operation and built to industrial standards. Each unit is sold complete with a splash guard, (Formica), one set of nylon ball bearings, one set of steel discs, polish pad and instructions.  Covington Engineering guarantees the machines for one year from the date of purchase against any defects. (This excludes the nylon thrust bearings and steel discs and leveling feet. FOB Redlands, CA.  The 30" unit box has dimensions of 32" x 32" x 23" with a weight of box one at 275 lbs., box 2 dimensions are 36" x 36" x 9" with a weight of 180 lbs. Stock #5300RL.  A 220 Volt, 50 Hz unit is also available with a weight of box one at 325 lbs, and box 2 at 230 lbs.  Please inquire for pricing and a freight estimate can be quoted.  Discount will be applied at the Shopping Cart.