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Rociprolap, 24" lap plate
$ 885.00

One 24" Rociprolap lap plate only. This cast iron lap plate is 24" across and has cavities of 3/16" x 1/2" to help distribute the grit. Weight of the 24" lap plate/pan is approximately  98 pounds. Note: a 10% discount will be given at the Shopping Cart. The units last for a very long time, but at some point you will need to replace your worn lap plate with a new one. Use the worn lap plate for the polishing lap plate or some regrind the cavities. Inquire to Covington Engineering Corp. for a re-dimpling of the cavities of the 24" unit. The Rociprolap machine and parts are now being manufactured by the new owners, Covington Engineering Corp. FOB Redlands, CA.