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Rociprolap machine, 20
Picture:Rociprolap, DNS Engineering, Inc.

The 20" Rociprolap lapping machine, 110V, 60 Hz, is available Covington Engineering Corp. (Stock No. 5200RL) The Rociprolap is a precision built machine designed to eliminate the manual work of lapping and polishing. This machine operates as its name implies; the lap plate revolves slowly (about 4 rpm) and reciprocates 575 times per minute simultaneously. It is balanced and does not need to be bolted down. It runs quiet in operation. Built to industrial standards, all cast iron and steel construction. (Please note: the splash guard has been changed from stainless steel to plastic/Formica. This saved raising the price of the unit by several hundred dollars. We have found that plastic works better for several reasons: 1. It is easier to clean; 2. Has allowed us to keep the price stable; 3. It can be rolled up and shipped in a small cardboard box saving the customer much in shipping.) You should be very pleased with the mirror polish provided by the Rociprolap. The lap plate/pan has cavities 3/16" X 1/2" which helps distribute the grit. The Rociprolap will lap rock, wood, metal, glass or any material which must be optically flat. It is especially suited to lap compressor valves. Sold complete with splash guard, bumper ring, 1/2 horse power motor, complete set of instructions, polish pad now included, one set of nylon ball bearings and one set of 6 steel discs. The 20" lap pan weighs approximately 50 pounds. Guaranteed for one year from date of purchase against any defects in material, excluding the nylon thrust bearings and steel discs.  There is no longer a crating fee. F.O.B. Redlands, CA. Truck freight will be added after approval of amount. The Rociprolap was initially built by Rose Enterprises and has been around since the 1960's. For durability and the finest polish, it is our opinion, you can't find any better lapping unit. For European electrical systems a 220V50/60Hz is available. The discount will be applied at the SHOPPING CART. You will be notified of the cost for motor truck freight and contacted for approval. Approx. shipping weight is 250 pounds. For tips on how to use the Rociprolap, see the article, Basic Lapping Procedures listed under the category LAPIDARY TIPS. Please note, Covington no longer charges for  a crating fee!

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