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Rotating disc flat lap, 12" mod., Diamond Pacific
Picture: 12 inch Diamond rotating disc flat lap by Diamond Pacific Tool Corp.

Polish bookends, thundereggs, end cuts,large slabs of petrified wood, etc. quickly using the Diamond Pacific diamond rotating disc flat lap 12" size (12 RL magnetic plated diamond discs, 115V-60Hz) with machines modified for use with Magnetic Novas Laps. The RL Flat Laps are rugged machines, from cast iron lap plates to metal tanks. They will give years of service. Save time polishing large flats in two ways. First, the actual polishing process for each step is reduced by the speed and efficiency you get using our resin-bond diamond Magnetic Nova Laps. Under normal circumstances, it only takes 14-25 minutes for each grit step to polish your large flat. Second, you save time by not having the usual clean-up between grit changes. Changing grits with Magentic Novas simply means removing one flexible lap from the back-plate and installing the next, taking only a few moments at most. Since the diamonds in Magnetic Novas are permanently bonded to their working surfaces, there's little chance of contamination. Recommended general-purpose grit sequence is 60, 280, 600, 1200 grits, followed by the new Super Premium Cerium Oxide Polish on a felt pad. (Magnetic Nova laps for the 12" model run $174 each for any grit size.) The use of a 60 grit Diamond plated disc to precede the 60 grit Magnetic Nova for those slab surfaces with deep saw marks or other features requiring grinding preparation. FEATURES FOR THE DIAMOND RL MODELS: Models come with motor, adjustable drip tanks, and aluminum back plate. Arbor shaft is 1". Bearings are 1", factory lubricated and sealed to prevent contamination. Powder coated, heavy duty fabricated steel plate boxes. The 12 RL measure approx. 15" x 15" x 13 3/4" with a 6 3/4" deep tank, 1/3 HP, 115V-60Hz. (Shipping weight 144 pounds.) The RL model flat laps run at speeds suitable for both the use of abrasive grits on the rotating plates, and for use of Magnetic Novas. Machines with variabe speed motors are generally not needed, but are available as a special order. (At this time April of 2017 the 12 RL lap machine-(12") model, 115V with a variable speed motor can be ordered at a cost of $$3042.00 plus crating, freight, etc.) (Crating fee of $109 has been added to the retail price of the unit at $1825.00, making a total of $1934.) An export model with 220V-50Hz is also available. Using the standard lapping process: if you need to precision grind and polish a flat surface on stone, glass or optics, use the cast iron lap plate of the RL lap, and a series of silicon carbide or other abrasives.  The rotating cast iron plate is built to fulfill the fundamental requirements of precision lapping with maximum stability and wheel balance. Lap plates are machined to exacting tolerances and grooved with concentric V-groove circles for retention of the abrasive. The 18" RL Diamond Models with a 1/2 HP, 115V-60Hz is offered at $2775.00 plus crating ($213) & S & H. Please contact us for any questions. Shipping weight for the diamond rotating disc flat lap 12 RL Diamond is 144 pounds. The 18" model shipping weight is 326 lbs. FOB Barstow, CA. Shipping charges will be added after approval by purchaser.