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Rough for tumbling
New Year Celebration - Free shipping, rough & slabs for Jan. USA Only
$ 3.50

One pound of assorted rough chips of agate, jasper and more to use for tumbling. The crushed rocks for tumbling may also be small broken slabs sections to use for tumbling or even cabbing. You may find samples of assorted agates & jaspers, such as bloodstone, Bruneau jasper, Montana agate, green moss agate, mook jasper, tiger iron, turritella agate, Graveyard Point plume, rhodonite, Brazil agate, palm wood, green tree agate, aventurine and much more in your one pound package of gemstone tumbling material. These are good quality stones. The rough chips will be from 1/2" up to 1/2 pound or so. Remember when tumbling, if any of your tumbling chips break along a fracture line, do not add those pieces to the next grit stage, but save them to be tumbled again in the next course grit 60/90 or 80 grit batch of stones. Broken or rough edges will scratch the smoother stones. Stock #800

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